Getting There

CAR & RV RENTALS                                                                                      

More people than ever are driving to their vacation destinations today.  Car & RV rentals are a smart option so as to not put mileage on your own vehicle(s), because you fly and need one at your destination, to try out a vehicle for possible future purchase, and/or because you need a different vehicle than one you already own.

Car, Mini-Van or SUV?

Families with young children sometimes need extra vehicle space and may prefer to travel in a full-size car (usually seats 5-6), mini-van (usually seats up to 7), or SUV (usually seats 4-5) due to all the extra items that are brought along on trips.  For long drives, you’ll want to plan ahead to keep your children happy and occupied, as most rentals will not have a built-in VHS or DVD player.

Items to consider bringing along for a road trip:
1)  map or child’s road atlas (Rand McNally & AAA both have versions) for tracing the route so they will know what fun landmarks or attractions to watch for, where they have been and where they are going.

2)  backpack full of small toys, books, small games, kids music cassettes & player.  They can pack this themselves if they are a little older, otherwise you’ll want to supervise and maybe tuck in a few surprises.  Tip:  If you shop at yardsales, look for new McDonalds toys still in their wrappers that can be doled out at intervals.

3)  stroller for babies and toddlers.

4)  car seat – car rental agencies may charge $5 or more per day to rent a car seat and it may not be as good as your own.

5)  suitcase packed with comfortable shoes and clothes, toothbrush & paste, brush/comb, hair accessories (for girls), etc.  Don’t forget swimsuits and jackets, depending on the climate of where you’re going.

6)  small blanket for napping in the car if the AC gets chilly and/or if you’re traveling at night.

7)  cooler and/or backpack for snacks and food/drink items.

8)  accessory items such as hat, sunglasses, chapstick to keep them happy

How Vacation Visions Can Help
Call us when pricing rental cars.  We can compare the major companies and let you know of any specials or packages that may be available.


Why rent an RV for your next vacation?
Touring by RV can be a fun adventure and a great family value.  RV enjoyment doesn’t have to be just a once-in-a-lifetime experience or an annual vacation. Whether you’re going to a family reunion, attending an anniversary celebration, taking in your favorite niece’s graduation from college or just getting away from the city lights to look at the stars, an RV can be your home away from home.

There’s no reason to leave your favorite pet at home, because every member of the family gets to come along (just keep in mind that you should never leave a pet alone in an unattended vehicle). And how about taking an RV for that getaway to the beach, forest or river. For attending a sporting event, for tailgating, for scouring antiques in the country, or to take the kids (or your grandkids) on a history tour. No packing and unpacking, no cramped legs, no worrying about hotel reservations – just your own fun time on wheels.

Local Getaway  Trip
The most common RV rental is a local motorhome rental when you pick up and return your motorhome to the same rental center. For local rentals; most customers prefer to provision the RV with items from their own home. Please note space is normally not available to park your auto at RV rental centers while you travel. In some markets, RV delivery to your door can even be arranged.

Fly/Drive Vacation
A fly/drive motorhome rental is a great time saver. You fly to your destination and pick up your RV, return it at a later date, and fly home. If you are flying to your destination and picking up a RV far from home, you can travel light with just your personal items. Vehicle provisioning and personal kits can be rented at most motorhome rental centers–please plan to reserve in advance.

One-Way Rentals
One-way rentals are a great way to see the country and save time. You can depart from a nearby rental center and drive across the country and drop off your RV and fly home, or take a fly/drive rental one-way to another destination. A one-way motorhome rental gives you the utmost flexibly to tour North America. There is a one-way drop fee associated with this type of RV rental, but most customers agree the expense is worth it.

Kid-Friendly Vacation
RV’s have kid-friendly features: a kitchen, beds, toilet and a shower. Your children’s favorite toys, snacks, games, books and videos can all be packed along and are readily accessible.

There are over 16,000 campgrounds catering to RV travelers where your children may meet and make new friends .  Campground activities may include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Lakes with boat rentals
  • Fishing ponds
  • Tennis courts
  • Bike paths and rentals
  • Petting zoos
  • Playgrounds
  • Movie rentals
  • Game rooms
  • Square dances
  • Hayrides
  • Mini-golf


Traveling in an RV can bring your family together by taking them far away. And whether your passion is camping, mountain biking or touring some of history’s great landmarks, an RV is a wonderfully fun, surprisingly affordable way to get there more often.

How Vacation Visions Can Help
Call us today so we can match your needs and budget with an RV company and itinerary that’s right for your family.  We watch the news for specials and one-way “relocation” rentals that can save you money!


Searching for a flight to your vacation destination?  Vacation Visions can help you sort through all the confusing flight prices and schedules to make your  vacation enjoyable.